What's Your Mission?

In short, to educate and assist Filmmakers on the aspects of the profession that takes place off the set.

For the full statement, here's our Manifesto.

How to Sign Up for a Membership

To sign up for a Membership, you first need to put your email into the site. There are three ways to do this:

  • On the top-right, there's a "Login" button. Click it, and below the form hit the "Sign Up" button. Enter your email and the Tier that you'd like.
  • On the homepage, scroll to the top, enter your email into the box that says "Subscribe" next to it.
  • You see the floating button on the site that says "Subscribe?" Click it then enter your email and the Tier that you'd like.

Next, a confirmation email will be sent. Make sure to double-check you're spam folder in case it goes there.

When you open it, hit the "Activate My Account" button. It'll open Tilt the Line again and you're all set!

What's the Cost of a Tilt the Line Membership?

We have a Memberships page that breaks this down in greater detail.

The short version is we have two membership tiers; Free and Premium. Free gets more content. Premium gets everything the free tier has and more for a small fee.