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Our first and main membership is free. It just requires an Email Address to sign up.

Bonus Article

We write one bonus article per week just for our members. It is similar to the other articles posted on the site, just another one!

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At the end of every month, you'll also receive a Newsletter with links to all of the articles published in that month. If you're on set or don't always have the time to check the site, this is very handy.

Premium Membership

Our Premium Membership is $8 per month or $75 per year.

Bonus Editorial

In addition to the bonus article for free members, Premium Members get a special Editorial article once per month. The Editorials are usually more topical in nature

Premium Guides

Premium Guides are in-depth pieces that cover a topic every Filmmaker should understand. These guides are wider in topic range than our normal content. They're generally focused on Lifestyle, Craft and Business, but they overlap in many respects. Examples include:

  • Lifestyle- Mindfulness, Hub Cities, or Film Schools
  • Craft- Permits, Film Festivals or Location Scouting
  • Business-  Unions, Agencies or Fundraising

These will be released once per month.

Premium Newsletter

Premium Members get a beefed up monthly Newsletter. It includes links to the latest Guide, the latest Editorial and all of the other articles released that month. Also included will be links from around the web that I think you'll find interesting.