I'm a huge advocate for online privacy, and if you are too, I got you covered.

Do We Use Cookies?

The website uses cookies stored in your web browser to store exactly one thing; your email.

If you choose to become a member, which requires an email address, the cookie stores it so that when you visit the site, it will automatically recognize you and show you members-only content.

If you are not a member, then nothing else is in the cookie. No tracking. No data collection. None of it. Period.

Why Do You Need My Email?

Email is the simplest way to create an account for anything. And since this is a membership site, we need a way to create and maintain accounts. Email does that job.

Options like Google, Facebook or Apple exist, but all of them collect your data in one form or another. Like I said, I take online privacy very seriously and choose to employ that philosophy here.

On an unrelated note, I've been mulling over the idea of email newsletters for some time now. And collecting email addresses would ensure a seamless experience if one is ever started.

Where Is My Email Stored?

It is stored in an encrypted database with two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption enabled. The hosting of this database is arrayed across the world, making hacks unlikely. I take this matter seriously and I built a system to back it up.

Why Don't I Need A Password?

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Easier for You- No Need to remember a password every time you want to log in
  • Easier for Me- I don't need to worry about storing passwords, which reduces my costs and my personal anxiety
  • Safer for All of Us- This no-password system is a result of, the software I use to run the site. It has a system that allows for the level of encryption and authentication that I've discussed earlier. I wish more sites worked like this honestly.

Again, thanks to for making this possible :-)

How Are Payments Handled?

Payments are handled through Stripe, which is like PayPal but modern and more secure for businesses. They take care of the financial details and store relevant details on their infrastructure. They are trusted by myself and millions of other businesses to handle these transactions securely and safely.

Does The Website Collect My Data?

The website is simply a website. Login is handled by the cookie. Email opens the doors to the rest of the site. Payments are handled by Stripe. That's it.

Do Advertisers See My Data?

Advertisers will never see your information. When talking to Advertisers about the site's audience (i.e you), no personal data is disclosed or discussed. Some general data will be discussed, such as the site's number of monthly visitors or paying members. But nothing specific or incriminating.

I Have More Questions!

Fair enough! Here's the Contact page.