The Story of Tilt the Line

For stuff like the mission and goals of Tilt the Line, check out our Manifesto. This here is a more anecdotal telling of our origin story.

Tilt the Line started as a keep-myself-busy project that has since evolved into something true and purposeful.  

I settled on the name pretty quickly. On a film budget, an item is either above or below the line. And the groups are often divided on medium-to-large productions. I wanted to create something applicable to both groups of people, even get them to understand how similar they can be. Just enough so they keep peek on the other side and understand what was going on.

Well in order to peek, they might tilt that line...

As corny as it sounds, that's alarmingly close to how it happened in real life.


I also wanted to write about Filmmaking in a helpful and unique way. But what would Filmmakers find unique and helpful? I asked around to see what people liked, didn't like and needed.

The results were revealing:

  • There are a lot of resources for the Craft side of things. Reviewing new gear, editing tutorials and optimal planning processes are all covered extensively.
  • Most Filmmakers don't keep in touch with the business of Filmmaking. Which is a shame, because it's more interesting than you'd expect and more important than you could imagine. For those who do, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter do an excellent job already.

So does that cover everything? Not exactly.

Turns out, a lot of Filmmakers need help with what goes on AROUND Filmmaking as opposed to in it. Things like how to make a living off of their craft, how to navigate the business side of it and (perhaps most importantly) how to live their lives around it.

So that's what Tilt the Line is! A publication on the lifestyle of Filmmaking! I'm a Filmmaker myself, so everything written here comes from experience as well as research. The Mission (elaborated on in our Manifesto) is to educate and assist Filmmakers on the aspects of Filmmaking that takes place off the set.

The rest of the story is still being written. Thank you for taking the time to read this, it means a lot. Take care and see you soon!